Benefits of NIOH

The Network for the Integration of Oral Health was founded to better integrate oral health into the broader health system through connecting with others and sharing resources and knowledge.

NIOH is an independent body committed to the social change and systems change that is required to ensure oral health is included in all health.

We work to increase the breadth of translation of research and ensure impact in all the right places with all the right people: consumer behaviour, professional practice change, funding and systems change. The Australian Centre for Integration of Oral Health Development (ACIOH) has been developed through NIOH and is a virtual collaborating centre designed to turbo boost translational research.

Essential to our work is collaboration and transparency in order to ensure that we know what is happening around the nation, and beyond, and we do not waste time “re-inventing the wheel”. We aim to make sure that the work we do is consistent with our objectives and builds on current evidence. We are on a mission to cut the waste and get this change happening.

We want to see healthy mouths and reduced costs for health care through sharing the responsibility and getting in early to promote health, prevent disease or intervene at the earliest possible stages.

This website is a vehicle for driving research impact and is a collaborative space to find and connect with people who are working in many different ways to create the change we need in oral health in Australia.