The collective work of NIOH brings together the essential domains of research, education and practice to create systemic change for the benefit of whole person health. By sharing information and partnering, duplication of efforts is avoided and collaboration is strengthened. This will result in research impact that will lead to improvement in oral health outcomes through the development of integrated oral health models of care. A number of research partnerships have already developed through the establishment and growth of this network. And through this we have established the Australian Centre for Integration of Oral Health (ACIOH) as the research arm of NIOH.

ACIOH provides a national platform for individuals and organisations to collaborate on integrated oral health projects, generate evidence, translate research into practice and disseminate findings through NIOH. This approach helps ensure all research complements and improves upon existing work undertaken, so avoiding duplication and enhancing research translation.

Our work has been internationally recognised and endorsed by the World Health Organization as well as the National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health in the United States.